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"If people get together, so eventually will nations."
—United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Pacific Genesis Project
Pacific Genesis is our initial project. Explore it. Review its meaning, its goals, its objectives. And, explore how you can be involved. Read the whole article here...

Genuine or Myth?

Many countries have peoples of multiple religions. America opened her borders to peoples from all nations, cultures, ethnicities, and religions.  And, peoples of each of those groups brought with them their own values, beliefs and faith.  The problems this creates... Read the whole article here...

Coming Features
Fourteen new features are coming to The Gathering Place .net. How many interest you? Read the whole article...
Our Purpose
The Gathering Place .net is an Online Center for Research and Communications, with a growing Library ... to provide you with tools to ... discover truth, ... express your opinions, ... communicate, learn and grow. Read the whole article...
Our Vision
It is our Vision that "The Gathering Place .net will be a major catalyst for and facilitator of World Unity and Peace.". Read the whole article...

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Governments Who created governments? Why do they exist? What forms of government have been produced by, support, and maintain each religion, society, culture, and set of laws?  How have Governments protected, enabled, and controlled—or inhibited—their peoples?
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 Friday, September 14, 2001, Day of Prayer and Rememberance - Ceremony
The United States of America is a land of sanctuary, forgiveness, and new opportunities.

America is a nation of immigrants that include the   indigenous native Americans, Asians, North, Central and South Americans, Europeans, Africans, Pacific Islanders, Australians, and Antarcticans.  Americans are of all races, ethnicities, societies,  cultures, and nationalities.

Americans are of many faiths: Christian, Jewish, Shinto, Shamman, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, pagan, atheist and others.

Americans immigrated to America to escape ruined reputations, persecution, oppression, imprisonment and slavery.  All Americans arrived seeking new opportunities.  And all Americans arrived seeking the same dream—the American Dream!

May your dreams be fulfilled!  May all of our dreams be fulfilled.

Be Blessed,

James Capers
President and CEO


It is our Vision that "TheGatheringPlace.net will be a major catalyst for and facilitator of World Unity and Peace."

"The Mission of TheGatheringPlace.net is to provide the tools, safe environment, and encouragement for the peoples of the world to study their own and any other ethnic group's culture — their race, religion, social structure, laws (rules of their society), language, sciences, art, achievements — and their history.  Our method of accomplishing this begins with an innovative multi-lingual website that integrates information, search and comparison utilities, and safe communications.

It is our desire that everyone will come to an understanding of God.  May everyone come to know God.  May everyone come to understand that God is no respecter of persons, that He made each of us, and that He loves each of us the same.  May everyone come to understand that God made all of us to be one family.  May everyone obey God's Laws.

May everyone respect each other and love each other as members of the one, large family which we are.  May everyone come to TheGatheringPlace.net to learn about their own heritage, and while they are here may they discover and learn about everyone else's heritage.  May everyone start understanding each other.  And, may everyone understand, accept and respect everyone else's way of worshipping God.

And, may the world be filled with Peace—God's Peace!

Be Blessed,

James Capers
President and CEO



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